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Hello Everyone!

I’m finally at a spot where I can reflect on all the amazing products, services and technological achievements on display at LDI 30.

30 years of the Live Design International Conference and it keeps showing the world just how far our industry can go in not just the wow factor, but in energy savings, cost savings, safety, and yes, brightness!

Not only did I walk the floor and see all the amazing things on display, I also taught alongside Jeromy Hopgood, an associate professor at Eastern Michigan University for their Entertainment, Design & Technology Program, a long time friend, colleague and designer.

We instructed just over 20 people on the inner workings of QLab 4 Audio, Video & Show Control on Thursday & Friday the week leading up to the show floor at LDInstitute.

My favorite booth of the show had to be Blizzard & ModTruss for their “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” theme. With fixtures, tons of video walls and an insane remix of songs from the original film, they captivated the entire crowd when their booth show ran.

Also on display, was the new grandMA 3 console in the ACT Lighting booth. Kat Covell, a Tech Support specialist at ACT & creator of ACT Academy, walked me through all of the amazing and exciting new things the desk can do.

Elation debuted their new console line, Obsidian, the rebranded and slightly redesigned M-Series console line recently purchased from Martin. Very versatile, compact and powerful desks that I’m sure will help Elation get into the console market relatively fast.

ENTTEC released a new LED Pixel tape controller that can control over 8,000 pixels over 400 meters of tape. A powerful installation tool and a something I can see built into intricate scenic pieces and architectural projects.

Finally, the ETC & High End Systems Booth…Where I honestly felt like they we’re one company with one shared goal and the most complimentary, cohesive and powerful displays of products and services. Their booth was open, inviting and, per their rapport, exemplified students and professionals with prizes, scholarships and swag-a-plenty! Here they released the Relevé spot moving head, SolaWash 3000, previewed the

This was an amazing year for LDI and I’m very excited to see where it goes from here!

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Design & Conquer My Friends!

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