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Hello Everyone!
It has been 6 years since my last attendance at the USITT Conference, and man was it great to go back! In 2012, I went with some of my peers while I was a student at Eastern Michigan University to research graduate schools and potential professional paths we could take in the industry. This time around, TLSP tasked me to head to the Stage Expo floor and connect with manufacturers, universities, fellow dealers & others about The Design Layer @ TLS Productions, Inc. at the 2018 conference.
As a student attending in 2012, I was there for the full conference, taking classes & seminars to further my education in the industry while also scoping the show floor for “swag” like everyone else. This year, my attendance was limited to the Stage Expo, not that the class & seminar schedule wasn’t incredible & interesting, it’s that this time around I wanted to have as much time as possible with those who exhibited and show them what The Design Layer offers and what that collaboration could foster for the future of the department.
While on the floor I networked with leaders in innovative products like ETC, High End Systems, A.C.T. Lighting & many others in “The Dark Zone” of the Expo floor, as well as had incredible conversations with ESTA, Behind the Scenes, Figure 53, Drafty & all the amazing universities who were in attendance this year for the Expo.

The experience went above and beyond what I expected and I actually learned quiet a bit without stepping foot in a class or workshop. ETC had previews of their new Element 2 Console, ColorSource Pearl & Raceways, ACT Lighting was showcasing their ACT Academy and ETC, HES & others hosted console & new technology demonstrations throughout the expo.

I’m very excited for the prospects from this year’s USITT Stage Expo and hope to see you all next year!

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Design & Conquer My Friends,


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