— DECEMBER 2018 —
You’re a Mean One, Mosaic Show Controller

Hello everyone!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been programming, designing and installing a small holiday light show in our Pro Store.

Utilizing a QSC K8.2, 15 ColorBlocks & a PSU-30, ColorSource Par & Spot fixtures and an ETC Mosaic MSC1 & QLab 4 System, I synced lights and sound together for a 3 minute show!

Mosaic, ETC’s architectural show control system, paired with Figure53’s QLab 4 on a Mac mini were the perfect “brain & nervous system” for the project.

The Mosaic MSC1 could take in contact closures, which turned out to be the ideal way to trigger the show, and put out DMX to all the fixtures and OSC commands over UDP messages to QLab for audio playback.

Both Mosaic and QLab were connected to our building’s LAN so updates and adjustments could be done from anywhere in the facility (given you knew the security settings to get into the machines.)

Programming in Mosaic is Scene & Timeline based, and the idea of “cueing” is absorbed into the Triggers section of the software.

The layout of the show was incredibly simple, as seen below…

I only created one scene for the show, and that was a blackout to occur in the space between runnings of the shows.

The show itself was programmed as a timeline in the software, and took the majority of the time building the show…

I picked a song that was 120 BPM (2 beats a second) to that getting everything to line up to the music would be a bit more achievable, given Mosaic utilizes a “drag’n’drop” system for programming.

Once the show was programmed, I had to set my triggers on how the show would be started, and stopped throughout the day.

If this were an outside display, I would have set it to wall clock triggers so it would run every half hour on the half hour or so, but for an inside display that runs not only during the day time, but during working business hours, I wanted something a bit more discreet and much more tactile and useable…

QLab, the quickest part of programming, was simply two cues; one to start the song, and one to fade it out.

Once everything was networked, addressed, focused and cabled, I triggered the show and began the few hour process of meticulously tweaking the show until everything was as close to perfect as I could get.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with the results…

I’m very excited for people to see the show and for this project to potentially expand in years to come!

Come check out the show all through December and into the new year!

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Design & Conquer My Friends!