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Hello Everyone!

This month I’d like to take a small amount of time and give you a brief “State of the Design Layer” to check in with everything we’ve accomplished lately and all that we have in the pipe-line for the upcoming months and beyond.




Most recently, we held a Lightwright Masterclass with the lighting designer and creator of Lightwright, John McKernon. Attendance was at max capacity and those who attended left with the knowledge to get around the software in a professional capacity and take their paperwork, labels and engineering to the next level.
Back in January we hosted another class on Networking in Lighting Systems under the new title “Caught in a Web” where we went over all the hardware, technologies and conventions in a modern networked lighting system. This class will be hosted on a semi-regular basis as it seems to be a popular topic and has been the most requested class of the year we’ve been hosting.
In the near future, we will be announcing a new QLab/Show Control class as well as the rescheduling of our “Let There Be Light…and A/V!” special topics event. As always, please reach out to Dustin at for any future classes or workshops you’d like to see at the Education Center!




The Studio has been updated with the most recent service pack of Vectorworks as well as Lightwright 6 & Vision 2018. Two upcoming productions, a charity banquet in Detroit, and a musical for a local small professional theatre, were programmed with previzualization in the Studio over the last month with rave reviews and saving tons of time for their programmers and designers.
The Annex had it’s first outside rental last week and went extremely well. The lighting designer was able to load-in, setup, prep, program, label & organize his whole rig in our space with eaze and comfort. Stayed tuned for photos and an announcement of the artist who we hosted once their tour begins and the “secret” is able to be shared.




This column has been such an amazing way to reach out to all of you who want an inside look at not just The Design Layer, but the inner workings of the pre-production side of TLS Productions as a whole.
We ask that you please reach out and let us know what you think about the column, it’s subject matter and where you’d like to see it go in the future.
Please feel free to Contact Dustin D. Miller and send over your questions for next month’s entry, comments on this month’s entry and any and all follows ups on my reviews, tutorials and other content.Design & Conquer My Friends,


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